Egg Mending


        One summer, when Gülsen Calik 

              was seven years old,      

                     she went to visit

                 a great aunt living in Turkey.  

The aunt suggested that Gülsen

go to the hen house, as she called it, 

         and see if there were any 

                            fresh eggs for her.


            Gülsen found two, and gingerly 

            picked them up. 

                                           Just then, 

the singular cock of the house entered the coop

   and started pecking at her.  

   In sudden terror, 

       while shielding her face,

   Gülsen accidentally broke both of the eggs.  

          She felt anguish 

                 and loss and

    attempted to put the eggs back into their original state.


                    The series, Egg Mending, was born that day.